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Our vision

The Arts can touch the heart of man, giving him the inspiration of life. The Arts give form to our expressions, create what we see, stimulate what we think, create our environment, design what we use, as well as stimulate creativity and change.

As individuals we all have something to contribute to the Arts. When we draw this inspiration through our national heritage and create as an expression of our own culture, insignificance is better appreciated.






artists from 50 countries


from all walks of life

About Us

JakArt, An explosion of the Arts and Culture with a particular emphasis on Education. Events, ranging from world-class international performances and exhibitions to public art and spontaneous expression, in venues ranging from the conventional to the alternative.

Creativity is the vehicle for development.”

Since 2001 JakArt has held six festivals, four festivals in Jakarta and two traveling festivals, and has organized and staged 12 major productions in over 175 cities in four continents…

JakArt School

The JakArt School is a extra-curricular school which provides additional as well as supplementary education in the field of art under one roof.

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