JakArt@2003 Press – Annemarie Fledderus


Musical Images
Exhibition at the Santika Hotel, Jakarta 
– June 16 -30, 2003
Supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

Annemarie Fledderus works and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She studied Graphic Art and Painting at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. For many years she participated in the so called ” Open Art Studio Tour”, a yearly cultural manifestation of exhibitions in the centre of Amsterdam. As a qualified teacher at all levels, she teaches art including art-history, to teenage children and adults from different cultural backgrounds.
In this exhibition free association of music and images is transformed into a drawing or a painting, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative. After having taken the fluent lines as a starting-point which resulted in abstract acrylic paintings, she printed a series of silkscreens of more figurative images of great simplicity. Also shown are the mixed-media drawings from the series “The Stage Bus Drawings” made Live during performances in 1995 on the Stage Bus, Luluk Purwanto and the Heldingen trio featuring Donald Dean and Henry Franklin.

exhibition at the Lobby of the Santika Hotel Jakarta.
June 30, 2003
Live action Painting
Live acting Music
Jeffrey Tahalele, 
Benny Moustafa, 
René van Helsdingen, 
Berend van den Berg, 
and many others



The Exhibition

The Works