JakArt@2002 What People Had to Say

What people had to say about JakArt@2002

“JakArt@2001 makes Jakarta a City of Culture”
(Media Indonesia 1/6/2001)

“JakArt@2001 is the best Ambassador for Indonesia”
(Charles Borowsky, educator from the USA)

“JakArt@2001 promotes the well being of our city by communicating to the world that Jakarta and its citizens are working together, celebrating artistic diversity, freedom of expression, and social, cultural and educational interchanges to bring everyone together as one”
(Lieutenant General (Rtd) Sutiyoso – Governor of Jakarta)

“Lots going on in theatre, dance, music at JakArt@2001”
(The Jakarta Post – 25/6/2001)

“JakArt@2001, what a nice experience”
(Ati Suryadi – JakArt@2001 volunteer)

“Mr. Matsuura has agreed to grant the Organisation’s sponsorship to this event in view …… of its importance both as a symbol of the revival process in Indonesia and as a meeting place for social, religious, traditional and contemporary artists…….”
(Ahmed Sayyad – Unesco