JakArt@2003 – Homage Program

SCRIPT 3-7-2003

Pilot exhibition – the Cultural pilgrimage

Program duration before dinner: 45 minutes

16.00 hrs
General Rehearsal

18.30 hrs
National Museum – terrace in front of lobby ‘new museum’
MC: Jilly Likumahuwa – welcoming the guests and general explanation

18.32 hrs
Opening – officiating and remarks by the Minister of Culture and tourism:
Mr I Gede Ardika and Director General UNESCO, HE. Mr. Koichiro Matsuura

start of cultural Pilgrimage.

18.38 hrs
Replica’s / Mural of the life of Nefertiti / Slaves with torches

(remarks: Antigone performing  at the Amphy Theatre – duration 30 minutes)

18.40 hrs
statue of Athena. (6 m) (created by Hardiman)
Ceremony with 3 to 5 women in Greek costume
preparing the costumes for the goddess Hera
Greek Ikons (owned by Mr. Alphonsus Stoelinga, Minister Plenipotentiary, Deputy Chief of Mission, Royal Embassy of the Netherlands and his wife Heleni Stoelinga)
Soft Greek music playing
View from the side windows- over looking Antigone (Works by Sophocles)
performed outdoor at Amphy Theatre by Teater Siluet)

18.45 hrs
Church Altar / Bells ringing.
Byzantine Ikons (reproductions by Dolorosa Sinaga)

18.47 hrs
Tang Dinasty – Ceramics
(from the permanent collection of the Museum Nasional)

18.50 hrs
2 Guards, 3 heads of Buddha, 3 Ganesha statues
(from the permanent collection of the Museum Nasional)
2 replica’s, Siwa Mahadewa Tegal, Arca buddha
(from the Pusat Penelitian Arkeologi Jakarta) .
projection. – LCD

18.53 hrs
Architecture – shadow projection  through window of 13th century Egyptian mosque
Hand writing al-Qur’an
(from the permanent collection of the
 Bayt al-Qur’an & museum Istiqlal,
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah)

18.56 hrs

18.59 hrs
Unfinished Mural of the school of Athens
(painting performance by 5 artists coordinated by Dolorosa Sinaga)
3 min Performance of Renaisance music by Bertl Mütter
(Supported by the Embassy of Austria)

19.04 hrs
Wajang Bali, ‘Pendowo ruwat’  performed by Nanang HP
(permanent collection from the Museum Wayang, Jakarta)
and Music Lesung (performed by and Kiki Dunung and Mas Soled)
Relief Stone and a stone house.
(from the permanent collection of the Museum Nasional)
6 Tomb stones replica’s and 4 Tulisan aksara from Gresik, abad 15
(from the Pusat Penelitian Arkeologi Jakarta)

19.06 hrs
Ancient Balinese textiles
(from the permanent collection of the Nasional Museum)
Wooden Sculpture – depicting a story excerpt of the Mahabarata Episode (from the collection of Dr. Handoyo Susanto (Chairman of the Indonesian Ceramic Society)
Balinese Gamalan plays

19.09 hrs
Desk, Sofa, (from the collection of Alex and Cecilia Papadimitriou)
Table, Mirror, painting and carpet (from the collection of C. Gultom)
Photo’s, books, table ware and costumes and a Doll
(from the collection of the Russian center for Science and Culture)
2 Ladies in Russian peasants folk costumes (2 volunteers)
Puskin’s poetry, reading by Vladimir V. Moisseev, (Deputy Chief, headmaster of the Russian language Courses, Russian Center for Science and Culture)
video show: Russian palaces and artist.

19.12 hrs
Reproductions of Paintings by Monet, Renoir manet, van Gogh, etc
Bösendorfer grand piano (19th century)
(performance by Aisha Pletscher/ works of 19th century composers)
computer corner/ education

19.15 hrs
Bambu forrest – scenery of the peasants and fisherman from the Era before Jayakarta.
presented by Bapak Chaerudin – Chairman of  Sangga Buana, Hutan Wisata Kali Pesanggrahan

Repro-copy art shop

19.20 hrs
Dinner (Betawi menu)