JakArt@2003 – Homage Research Airlangga Museum, Kediri

History of Art ( Indonesia)
Research in Kediri – March 2003



The JakArt research team travelled around the Island of  Java, Indonesia, looking for real artifacts, replicas and archaeological data.

The Airlangga Museum(photo – top) preserves important historical remains of the Kediri Kingdom.
We were able to witness the inheritance of the kediri Kingdom.

including a statue of Sywa, etc.

Historical remnants scattered around Kediri showing that it had played important roles in many eras.

Some facts in relation to theIndonesian History of Art:

Although there are few surviving archaeological remains dating from his time, Airlangga is known to have been a keen patron of the arts, notably literature. In around 1035, the court poet Mpu Kanwa produced the Arjuna Wiwaha, which has to this day remained one of Java’s most popular classical stories.

Adapted from the Indian Mahabharata epic, the poem recounts episodes in the life of the hero sage Arjuna, who was an incarnation of the Hindu god Wishnu. There are reasons to believe that the poem was a portrait of the life of Airlangga himself. He, like Arjuna, was seen as a divine incarnation, apparently laid to rest at Candi Belahan, where he was portrayed in stone as Wishnu on Garuda.