JakArt@2003 – Homage Research

Research 2003

Research in order to present an example, a taste, of what a project like “Homage to the Eternal Creativity of the Human Race” might look like.

The backbone of this pilot project is the history of the Arts in Indonesia. Because of time constrains only a sample of representative periods were initially presented.

Foreign embassies, governments and local institutions have provided material to illustrate as a comparison what was happening around the world during the selected periods.

The reasons why JakArt has chosen to concentrate its efforts on a pilot project of this nature are manifold, including:

  1. That Indonesia can conceive and promote an original idea and concept that can be of relevance to the world as a whole
  2. That Indonesia can present a UNIQUE and Exciting project in International Forums and Organizations such as the International Cultural Olympics Committee and UNESCO for consideration
  3. That it will encourage beneficial bilateral & international cooperation between various government
  4. That such a project outside its global scope will also invite and encourage further research in promoting and presenting our Cultural Heritage within Indonesia
  5. That this project will encourage and promote closer ties and cooperation between various bodies, organizations, associations, and individual experts