JakArt@2004 Festival à la Carte Artists – Komunitas Seni Hitam Putih

Kumunitas Seni Hitam Putih
Theatre group from West Sumatra

Joe Mirshall
Koko Sudarmaji
Ijot Goblin
Aidil Farhan
director: Yusril

Art Community Black and White
Yusril was born in Payakumbuh on September 5, 1967.
from 1989 until 1992 he joined the Bumi theatre group lead by Hadi.
He established several other theatre groups such as Teater Plus, Teater Kamar,
Dangau Seni Rell and the art community INTRO.
He presently leads Komunitas Seni Hitam Putih.
He als writes poetry and short stories but stays more involved in theatre.
He has a bachelor of the Arts degree from the Andalas University and a master degree in STSI Surakarta for Creative Art and Film.
He teaches theatre at STSI Padangpanjang

Joe Mirshali
born in Payakumbuh July 17, 1967.
His love for acting began by watching traveling theatre groups.
He started his Stage performances as an actor at the elementary POSENI in 1979 until now.
From 1988 until 1996 he was a member of the BUMI theatre group.

Koko Sudarmaji
born in Blora, 11th of February 1967.
An Alumny of the school of Dance, Art Institute, Yogyakarta.
He is a sculptor and theatre worker. He has joined many cultural mission to foreign countries. Presently he is concentrating on expressionistic wayang. He is a member of the DUR art workshop (DUR Bengkel Pentas Seni)

Ijot Goblin
Born in Bukittinggi 1971
He is a dancer, choreographer, cameraman as well as an actor.
Perorms mainly contemporary dances. Has participated at many mission of art throughout Indonesia.

Synopsis of their performances
by Taufan S Candra Negara
He suddenly was confused and questioned the condition and situation around him.
Not only that, … but he also had doubts about time- changes and the environment and most of all : himself.