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Ateh Theatre Group: Alan Ayckbourn’s,

Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays

In Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays, Suzy and her mother, along with their trusty dog Neville, live a simple, happy existence in their English cottage. That is, until the mysterious Mr. Accousticus moves in across the street and strange things start happening. To solve the mystery, Suzy and Neville must navigate through Mr. Accousticus’ enormous and sinister house. Once there, the audience must guide Suzy down the right path!  In this theatrical choose-your-own-adventure, you decide who lives and who dies.

The Ateh Theater Group creates fantastic and surreal plays to explore the struggle and hilarity of everyday life.

2007 began with simultaneous productions of Kelly Link’s The Girl Detective and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the Connelly Theater in the East Village. The Village Voice called The Girl Detective “mesmerizing” and Alice was a sold-out hit with the stroller set.The Ateh was then awarded a six month residency at chashama 217 along with three sister companies.

While in residence, the company produced a raucous, late-night, choose-your-own-adventure, Alan Ayckbourn’s Mr. A’s Amazing Maze Plays, which played to packed houses for months. Long Distance followed, an adaptation of three stories by Judy Budnitz called “dazzling” by the New York Times.

Most recently, the Ateh closed a second production of The Girl Detective at the Crown Point Festival, a Lower East Side collection of pioneering artists in music, theater and film from all over the world.

The Ateh Theater Group is committed to not only creating daring theater, but also to arts education as a means of engaging young people in their studies and of preserving the American theater’s vitality through the cultivation of a diverse audience for innovative work.

To that end, the Ateh offers free tickets to low-income groups, holds free acting workshops for public school students and has hosted benefit performances and parties for organizations serving New Yorkers in need.