JakArt@2009 – Young In 60 Cities / Special Project – ITFPC About



a fabulous cultural story in a separate world,
simply fueled by the imagination of teens.

this photo competition has ended

the winning photos were exhibited in Jakarta , Indonesia, from 31 okt -8 November 2009
organized in cooperation with
JakArt@2009 international Arts, Cultural and Educational Festival
Jakarta, Indonesia,

 as part of:

“Young in 60 Cities”

the embodiment of 2 disciplines:
Photography and fashion
– a JakArt special project –

an outstanding multi-disciplinary exhibition of images expressing the insight of photographers, investigating popular culture and fashion and its influence on youth and young adults.

a compilation of artwork which explores the natural teenage impact on fashion
to may be encourage a worldwide conversation about fashion.

A presentation accurately representing International Teen Fashion

(Exact date and location to be announced)
For more information about the festival please visit www.jakart.info


Partner in Exhibition:

The International Arts Festival Friends Club, IAFFC, also known as Festival Friends. The IAFFC is organized and managed by The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF). 

The Jakarta International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival (JakArt) and The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF) are founding members of the Association of Asian Performing Arts Festivals (AAPAF). AAPAF aims to recognize the growth of arts festivals in the Asian region. Other Founding Festival Members are the Singapore Arts Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and. Presently AAPAF counts 31 members.

The JakArt Festivals. In 1999 JakArt was established as a grass-roots organization to demonstrate, expose, share, encourage and promote: the benefits to be gained from the development and promotion of the arts; the importance of CREATIVITY in our social, economic, and cultural activities; the significance of Human Values and Freedom of Expression in development; Indonesia’s image internationally by placing it on the cultural map of the world; enhanced media exposure for the arts both locally & internationally; the wealth and diversity of our Cultural Heritage; contemporary artistic development; the benefits  of intercultural and interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, exchange and camaraderie; the importance of audience building; the establishment of a forum to empower people to take responsibility for their own development; volunteerism; greater Sponsor interest & support; increased government support and funding for the Arts and arts education; increased corporate involvement; support and funding for the Arts; the establishment of an Endowment Fund for the Arts

International Arts Festival Friends Club, IAFFC for short, is also known as Festival Friends. Established in April 2004, IAFFC is organized and managed by The Center for China Shanghai International Arts Festival (CSIAF). Hosted by the Ministry of Culture of P. R. China and undertaken by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, CSIAF is a national level international arts festival annually held in Shanghai from Oct.18th to Nov.18th. As a standing body of the Festival, the Center established IAFFC as a channel for those who love arts and care about the Festival to know about the Festival more directly and conveniently and to make an intimate friend with arts through the Festival. 
Highly supported by the abundant arts resources and international reputation of the CSIAF, IAFFC is committed to promoting exchange and interaction between the Festival and the arts lovers. Through the regular activities with rich contents, IAFFC serves the members as a platform of communicating arts information and improving aesthetic taste. It helps intensify the awareness of the Festival as a necessary guide, medium and playground in the mass’ arts life, and attract all walks of life with interest in arts to grow up with the Festival side by side.