JakArt@2008 – ASAH Indonesian Tour II Introduction

ASAH Indonesian Tour II
March 25 – May 19

Music is the universal language that always colors all we do. Many kinds of music have developed creating their own markets and giving rise to the false belief that some music can only be enjoyed by some people.

Classical music came across as elitist music only to be performed in big cities and this assumption had become a stumbling block for the universal acceptance of classical music. In effect this assumption has been generally accepted as a reality with little or no effort to recognize the music.

This gave birth to an idea of Mikhail David to perform classical music in a different way by combining it with happening arts resulting in a tour entitled Asah 2006-2007, concerts in 20 cities around Indonesia. The music was performed by Ary Sutedja, pianist and Asep Hidayat, cellist. As a visual artist Mikhail David documented the atmosphere of the concerts from behind the canvas. This collaboration drawing critical reaction and dialogue from the audience had an overall positive response.

This year JakArt will present Asah Indonesian tour II, 2008, visiting 25 cities around the Indonesian archipelago. In a spirit of collaboration Asah will involve guest artists such as Rene van Helsdingen (Jazz pianist); P. Insia M. Effendi (Classical Pianist); Trisutji Kamal (composers); Gotot Prakosa (movie director); Sari Madjid (Theater); and open the possibility for the participation of other artists.
The performances will be spiced with a variety of combinations and inter-actions between the different arts disciplines including classical – and jazz music, poetry reading, monologue, theatre, film, dance along with discussions and workshops. These creative events have an educational purpose. The tour as such is designed to develope a network aimed at setting up a new art school program.

This tour will promote a vision, encouraging society to participate fully by expressing themselves and engaging in the creative process. We hope that this effort will initiate a change whereby the public will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the diversity within the arts.

Please enjoy